National Insurance Awareness Day

Observed on June 28th each year, National Insurance Awareness day isn’t exactly the most exciting day, but it is an important one. Insurance helps protect you financially through unexpected hardships or circumstances. From health and supplemental insurance to auto and home insurance, they are all designed to protect the insurer from larger costs associated from damage, loss or injury to the insured person(s) or things.

What’s Right for You

National Insurance Awareness Day presents a great opportunity to review your current insurance coverage, if any, and assess whether you have the right financial protection for you and your family. Why? The insurance that’s best for your needs and budget isn’t one-size-fits-all and should be adjusted as your circumstances change—growing your family, changing health needs, relocating to a new area, purchasing a house, working towards retirement and more.

Adapting to Life’s Changes

Insurance is a means of protecting your financial security when it comes to life’s unexpected risks, like accidents and illnesses. As your risk factors and what you’re working to protect changes, so must your coverage change with them. Take the time to review your current coverage and determine if changes need to be made.

You have Choices and opportunities to adjust your Insurance

With Health Insurance, enrollment periods are set that determines when you can enroll in coverage. Typically, each year Open Enrollment goes from November 1 through December 15. The rest of the year, a special enrollment period can be triggered with a qualifying life event or emergency.  In response to the public health emergency brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, a special enrollment period is currently underway for ACA-compliant enrollments on the federal marketplace.

This means, for those that haven’t enrolled in coverage this year because of cost or not receiving any premium assistance or those that enrolled already and need more premium assistance, this SEP may help in reducing your healthcare costs. This SEP gives more people the opportunity to find coverage with reduced premiums than ever before. 

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) has increased access and affordability by providing new and current enrollees increased tax credits to reduce monthly premiums. Anyone seeking individual or family health coverage may enroll in ACA minimum essential coverage plans through August 15 due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) emergency.

If you are seeking health insurance, take advantage of the additional time to enroll in ACA coverage and the new affordability measures that the ARP has provided.

A Helping Hand

Not sure where to start with your insurance assessment? Working with an agent will allow you to tap into the knowledge and expertise of a licensed professional. An agent can make recommendations by simply taking a look at your current coverage and discussing any life changes. Is it fun? Well, maybe if you’re a licensed agent with a passion for customer service, but either way, getting it checked off the to-do list offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you, your family and the things that you value most are protected against the unexpected.

We can help

Through VelaPoint Insurance, you have exclusive access to a free health and supplemental insurance shopping service, staffed by licensed insurance experts in all 50 states. Shop, compare and enroll – all in one easy call.

Using our services is no added cost to you plus our agents are contracted with a variety of carriers, to ensure product availability for our customers. Our agents have been trained and adhere to all federal and state regulations and we enforce strict quality assurance guidelines to stay compliant and provide trusted service. Our licensed agents can give you advice from their educated background while comparing options in your area and your particular situation to help customize options for you.

Speak to an agent to:

  • Get information on products in your area
  • See what health insurance fits your budget
  • Learn what coverage could best fit your needs
  • Help determine if you’re eligible for cost-share reductions and premium tax credits on ACA plans.
  • Help update federal marketplace information like employment or income level changes.
  • Compare plans in your area for most affordable or specific benefit needs
  • Assess where you are at on your current plan’s deductible and determine if switching plans or keeping the plan you have will save you more and make the most sense.

Let National Insurance Awareness Day be a reminder to evaluate your changing insurance needs, check for opportunities to save and assess all areas of your life for financial protection. VelaPoint Insurance licensed agents can provide a professional assessment of your situation, answer any questions that you may have and assist in your insurance enrollment. Call 855-548-0727 or visit VelaPoint Marketplace to speak with a licensed agent today and explore your coverage options.