11 Tips to Outsmart Summer

Tired of getting eaten alive by mosquitoes? Sick of sweating in your hot house? Summer doesn’t have to mean suffering. These easy life hacks will help you keep your cool all summer long.


Cool off a hot drink in 10 seconds. Watch Dave Hax explain how to chill those not-so-refreshing room temperature bottles or cans in a snap. All you’ll need is ice, water, salt, and a bowl.


You can cool off a hot car in 10 seconds, too. First, open the passenger side door. Then, move the driver’s side door back and forth to fan the air in the car. This will circulate the air and cause the temperature to drop.


Draw a line with chalk to show ants you mean business. Many have found that ants don’t like to walk across chalk lines. Drawing a line around the perimeter of your home should keep the ants outside.


Have the ants already invaded your home? Figure out what kind of ants you have by sending a photo to your local university extension service. This can give you clues about where it nests. The Family Handyman has a great step-by-step guide for getting rid of ants.


If you’re venturing outdoors, tuck a dryer sheet in your pockets to keep mosquitoes away. Apparently, mosquitoes don’t appreciate the smell of fresh laundry like we do.


Raise your hand to keep gnats out of your face. Gnats tend to buzz around the highest point of your body. If you don’t want to look like you’re waiting to be called upon by the teacher, try wearing a tall hat.


A bee sting can ruin the best of afternoons spent barefoot in the grass. Make a paste for stings by combining water and baking soda. Not only will the paste help with the pain, but it will also help to pull the stinger out as it dries.


Keep your pet’s water bowl fresh to avoid mosquitoes. Standing water (like the water in your pet’s water bowl) is primetime breeding ground for mosquitoes. Pour out your pet’s water bowls each night and refill with fresh water.


Make an “ice lick” treat for your dog. Fill a small bucket with water, toss in some of your dog’s rubber toys, and freeze it. The ice lick will help keep your pet busy and stay cool on hot summer days.


Soothe your sunburn with aloe vera ice cubes. Squeeze aloe vera gel into an ice cube tray and place it in the freezer. When you rub the cubes on your skin, you’ll get a nice cooling sensation.


Use fans to the fullest. With the window open, use a fan to push hot air out and pull cold air in. Make sure the temperature outside is cool when using this trick. Works best in the morning or evenings. Use fans to create a cross wind and circulate air inside your homes, keeping doors open inside for air flow will help. Be strategic where you place each fan. Put ice in a bowl with a damp washcloth over it in front of a fan to push cool air into the room.

Apply these tricks during those hot summer days and see how cool it can keep you! Keep cool and safe this summer and stay protected when it comes to insurance. Call 855-548-0727 or visit VelaPoint Marketplace to speak with a licensed agent today and to see your insurance options and ways you can save on your monthly premiums.

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