Ways to Help This Summer Feel Like Summer Again

It’s July but it doesn’t quite feel like the summers we are used to. Coronavirus continues to disrupt the regular scheduled programs of our lives and has limited activities immensely. It is essential to take these changes seriously in order to keep cases from spreading. This is a huge adjustment with so many attractions closed, many of us won’t venture far this summer.

No vacation from coronavirus is an understatement. Many are seeing their summer plans deflated before their eyes. Trips? Cancelled. Wedding season? Cancelled.  Festival season? Cancelled. Country and county fairs? Cancelled. If not cancelled, they are postponed or vastly reduced in attendance size.

Although many events that we typically look forward to have been cancelled or postponed to later dates, there are still ways enjoy the warm weather that can help this summer feel like summer while maintaining health and safety precautions.

Activities to keep the summer fun alive while social distancing

Many of us have been working from home due to COVID-19 for the last few months and haven’t had a break from the new (at home) “office”. Even if your summer trip got cancelled, take that vacation but make it a staycation! Disconnect from work with a much needed break from emails and phone calls. There are many ways to enjoy a staycation.

Day Spa at home

Plan ahead with Epsom salts, essential oils and all the supplies needed for an at home spa day. Soak in the tub, enjoy a facial or manicure in full on pamper mode. Set up a meditation area with some lighting, a yoga mat or cushions and relaxing music. Try some journaling or goal setting and self-care as you unwind to the sound of nature.

Backyard Campout

Are your kids getting antsy with staying home? Add some adventure to the normal routine with a backyard campout! Set up a tent, grill up on the barbeque and enjoy s’mores by the fire and stargaze the night away!

There is often a false sense of security in and around the home. The warm weather often increases risk of dangers associated with backyard activities that include lawn mowers, yard equipment, barbeques, jungle gyms and trampolines. Follow all safety measures when doing yard work, barbequing and teach your kids safety precautions for playing on trampolines or climbing trees.

Local outings

Check for local state parks in your area for a day out in nature. Plan your hike, lake or river adventures ahead to make sure parks are open and if they have any specific rules to follow or public bathrooms open. Keep 6 feet away from others you don’t live with by practicing social distancing. Have your mask handy so you can put on when trails get narrow or become crowded. Bring hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes for your car.

As you take advantage of the local outdoor attractions in your area, don’t let your excitement of being out of your backyard hinder your discernment for safety when at local swimming areas like lakes or rivers, the beach, hiking trails or camping.

Dining out

If restaurants are opening up in your area, check their website or call ahead and ask what their COVID-19 prevention practices are before you go. Wear cloth face covering as much as possible when not eating or when less than 6 feet apart from other people or indoors. Sit outside when possible. Practice the upmost hand hygiene.

Hosting gatherings or cookouts

Keep gatherings to outdoor areas at your home as much as possible. Arrange tables and chairs to allow for social distancing, keeping 6 feet away from other families. When guests arrive, the normal handshakes or hugging is out and waves are in. Wear cloth face coverings as much as possible and limit the number of people handling food. Remember to clean and disinfect.

Here’s to a healthy and happy, Summer

Remember to have fun! Find ways to connect to family and friends that you haven’t done before. As we are limited in our summer activities, adventures from going to a river or staycations at home, be mindful that accidents peak in the summer time. We are all so focused on preventing COVID-19 that we may forget to wear that helmet or be mindful of the hot bbq.

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