6 Fun Indoor Activities to Love on Chilly Days

With unpredictable winter weather, you never know what you are going to get! Your family may wake up to sunny skies and chilly air one morning and then see enough snow to make snow angels the next. During the winter season, there are some days when it’s just too cold to play outside. When there is ice on the ground with below freezing temps, it’s time to plan some great indoor activities that you and the kids will enjoy. Check out these six ideas for family fun on those icy days when it’s just too cold to go outside!

1. Treasure Hunts

Have an indoor treasure hunt by gathering your family’s toys and belongings and hiding them in secret spots. Create hints with varying difficulty levels based on your family members’ ages, and then draw out a map to know where “X” marks the spot! To make this activity even more fun, have the hunters dress up for the adventure before sending them on their treasure quest!

2. Cookie Bake-Offs

What could be a tastier snow day activity than baking and decorating cookies? Whip out those beloved family recipes and start making unforgettable memories in the kitchen with your family. Your home will smell delightful, and your kiddos will learn new skills as they prepare delicious cookies from scratch. After the cookies are baked and cooled, start decorating them however you choose! From snowflakes to snowmen to penguins, your cookie spread will be a sugary winter wonderland.

3. Puppet Shows and Plays

Your family doesn’t need to leave the house to see a great show! Skip the movie theater and have your own at-home production. Your kids will love using their imaginations to star in their self-created play or puppet show. To get their creative juices flowing, let them create the characters and storyline. Once they’re ready, make sure to watch the grand performance with popcorn and lots of applause!

4. Fort Builds

Who doesn’t love building an indoor fort? This snow day activity is one that kids (and adults) of any age can get behind. Use your household linens and furniture to create a magical fort right in the living room. Gather your extra blankets and sheets, and drape them over your living room furniture for a fortress that is large enough for the entire family to enjoy. You can even get creative by turning out the lights and using flashlights to pretend you’re at a campsite!

5. Movies and Hot Chocolate

Warm your soul with a steamy mug of homemade hot chocolate and family favorite flicks, like Frozen or The Polar Express. You can make a batch of hot chocolate in your slow cooker or find endless recipes online. Add tasty marshmallows to add even more delight to your homemade hot chocolate, and start your cozy snow day with the family. Don’t forget the fuzzy blankets!

6. Marshmallow Snowmen Crafts

After enjoying your hot cocoa and movie, use the remaining marshmallows to make snowmen indoors! Using toothpicks, stack marshmallows on top of each other to build the body of your marshmallow snowmen. Then, use your favorite snacks to build arms, legs, eyes, and clothing! Pretzels make the perfect arms and legs while frosting can bring your snowman’s face to life. Use small candy to craft a snowman sweater, and your homemade candy snowman will be ready for a winter day!

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