Open Enrollment 2019: Coverage Update

Brief Open Enrollment

In keeping with the previous year, the enrollment period for health insurance to cover you during 2019 will begin on November 1 and end on December 15.

Limited Carrier Options

Fortunately, there were fewer major carrier exits from 2019’s ACA market. However, the options in your county may be more limited than in past years and include smaller, more regional carriers. This varies from county to county.

Changing Laws

The Tax Reform Bill Congress passed into law earlier this year repealed the ACA’s individual mandate penalty, meaning there will be no federal tax penalty for failing to enroll in ACA-compliant coverage for 2019. This means that lower-cost product options, such as short-term medical, limited medical, and other ancillary plans,1 can be enrolled in without the threat of a federal tax penalty.2

Premium Costs

As in previous years, monthly ACA premiums are increasing by as much as 30% in some areas. However, unlike years past, some consumers may find relief, with some states reporting significant decreases in premium rates as well. Costs vary by county. 3

The Good News

You don’t have to go it alone!

Through VelaPoint Insurance, you have exclusive access to a free health and supplemental insurance shopping service, staffed by licensed insurance experts in all 50 states. Shop, compare and enroll—all in one easy call.

You have options.

If you live in an area with limited health insurance options, find the premiums too expensive or your doctor isn’t in-network, traditional health insurance isn’t your only option. Plans like short-term medical or limited medical offer benefits at typically much lower costs.

Insurance packages pave the way to save.

Insurance plans that are designed to work together could help you save on deductibles, prescriptions and hospitalizations. A licensed agent can also help determine if you’re eligible for cost-share reductions and premium tax credits.

Interested in learning more?

Our specialized insurance agents can help uncover options that best fit your needs and budget. Call 855-652-3171 for a comprehensive needs analysis with a licensed agent, a free quote and to secure your 2019 health plan.

1Some plans available may not meet the Minimum Essential Coverage requirements as mandated by the ACA or cover pre-existing conditions. Consult with a licensed agent for details.
2A small number of states already have or are considering implementing a state individual mandate penalty to replace the repealed federal individual mandate penalty. Consult with a licensed agent for details.