6 Tasty Recipes to Make From Your Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

After Thanksgiving day, you may be stuck with a lot of leftovers and not know what to do with all of that classic holiday food. If you don’t feel like having Thanksgiving dinner for the following days to come, try to make these six delicious recipes from your turkey leftovers!

1. Turkey Pot Pie (Pillsbury)

This savory, easy meal will bring comfort to the dinner table. With pie crusts, frozen vegetables, your leftover turkey, and a few other ingredients that you probably already have on-hand, you can conveniently bake a delicious meal from your Thanksgiving leftovers.

2. Turkey Soup (Pillsbury)

Enjoy a comforting bowl of next-day turkey soup in your cozy pajamas while watching your favorite holiday movie. This recipe calls for leftover Thanksgiving turkey and a few vegetables that you may have in the fridge after making Thanksgiving stuffing and casseroles.

3. Turkey Noodle Casserole (Food Network)

Enhance your post-Thanksgiving meals by adding your leftover turkey to a delicious turkey noodle casserole. The combination of peas, noodles, and turkey tossed in a decadent, creamy sauce will leave your tastes buds wanting more.

4. Turkey Chili (The New York Times)

Chili is a fall-time favorite across the country. It’s hearty, delicious, filling, and full of flavor. After Thanksgiving, make a delicious turkey chili from your leftover turkey pieces (you can still add in the ground beef for some extra protein if you’d like). Stay warm with a bowl of turkey chili packed with healthy ingredients.

5. Turkey Salad Sandwich (Betty Crocker)

This quick lunch recipe will take you just about 20 minutes to make, and you probably have all of the ingredients in the kitchen after Thanksgiving day. Make a delicious turkey salad mixture from leftover turkey, celery, apple, and green onions. This delightful sandwich makes for the perfect packed lunch for work or school, too!

6. Turkey Bacon Ranch Sliders (Kroger)

These flavorful turkey bacon ranch sliders are full of mouth-watering ingredients. Packed with buttery, garlicy goodness, turkey bacon ranch sliders are sure to be a dinner table hit for your friends and family, and no one will know that you used leftover Thanksgiving turkey to make the dish!

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