Halloween Safety Tips

Boo! Halloween is creeping around the corner, so it’s time to learn how to drive safely whether you are trick-or-treating with the kids or attending fun costume parties. No matter the occasion, it is essential to keep safety as a top priority on Halloween night. Learn how to protect yourself throughout your Halloween adventures by following these helpful tips.

Never drink behind the wheel

From costume contests to haunted houses, there are many exciting events for adults to enjoy on Halloween. If you plan to partake in festive brews, remember to put safety at the forefront by staying sober behind the wheel. Make sure to have a driving plan in place when alcohol is involved, such as designating a sober driver or utilizing ride-sharing.

Give your car a test run

If you are driving on Halloween night, chances are high that you’ll drive through locations bustling with excited children and adults alike. Keep pedestrians free from danger by testing out your car’s essential functions, like brakes, headlights, mirrors and windows to confirm that your car is in good working order. It’s always better to be safe than sorry to prevent any unnecessary spooks.

Stay alert while trick-or-treating

When trick-or-treating by foot, especially with children, it is important to stay aware of other drivers in the neighborhood. Everyone is excited on Halloween night, which can cause drivers to become distracted. Keep your kids safe by yielding them from any potential danger by staying aware of your surroundings.

Practice safe driving

Precautionary safety may seem obvious but it is necessary to keep in mind when driving through busy Halloween neighborhoods. Make sure to yield any crossing persons and properly utilize your headlights and turn signals, so pedestrians will know your next move. Also, always wear a seatbelt even if your trip is just a few blocks away.

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