Summer Heat Safety for the Kids

It doesn’t come as a surprise that kids love fun in the sun. From water parks to the beach, Summer provides endless opportunities for kids to play and let their imaginations run wild, but the sunny season also comes with a potential hazard, sun damage. Did you know that one sunburn could increase the risk of skin cancer forming later on? Protect your kids and their bright futures with these helpful heat safety tips, so they can enjoy the rest of their summer with a smile!

How to Practice Sun Safety

 Sunscreen is a must.

 This is the first place to start when it comes to sun safety. Sunscreen is crucial for any outdoor activity during summertime. Kids typically don’t love being lathered in thick sunscreen, so grab a high SPF spray option from your nearest drugstore for a no-fuss, no-mess application. Get into the routine of applying sunscreen 30 minutes before any sunny activity. During Summer, it’s important to remember that overcast days can still result in those awful sunburns without protection, so go ahead and apply sunscreen on cloudy days as well. Your kids may want to take charge and apply their own sunscreen, but make sure they don’t skip any hard to reach areas, like their ears and tops of their feet. Now that you and the kids and safeguarded from the sun, make sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day as well.

Cool off with plenty of water.

 Between all of the fun playing by the pool or in the back yard, kids need to stay hydrated in the warm heat. As a parent, you may have to remember this for them. Keep ice water handy for your kids and remind them to take frequent water breaks in between play time. This will keep them cooled down and prevent any heat exhaustion from playing too hard!

Avoid the sun’s peak hours.

UV rays are at their strongest throughout the middle of the day. Try to avoid heavy sun exposure from around 11:00 AM-2:00 PM. This is the perfect time to move inside for a healthy lunch or nice nap in the air conditioning. There are also many ways to have a blast inside and avoid any blistering sunburns. Whip out your kids’ favorite board games or make a fun Summer snack together.

Stay sun protected with the right Summer gear.

 By exposing minimal skin to the sun, you and your family will have a much lower risk of experiencing a painful sunburn. Protect your skin, eyes and face by wearing sunglasses, a hat and clothing to shield the harmful UV rays. Tightly woven fabrics are best for sun protective attire. A nice hat will shield the sun from your child’s delicate head, and a pair of sunglasses will keep their eyes bright and healthy.

Relieve yourself from the sun with some nice shade.

 Seeking shade during a hot summer day can provide you and your kids with sweet relief. Look for a nice tree at the park or a beach umbrella to remove your kids from direct sunlight. Shade is pretty easy to find and can reduce the risk of overheating!

Keep your kids protected from the sun’s rays by following these safety guidelines, so they can keep swimming and playing all Summer long pain free. Be protected for any of life’s accidents by contacting Velapoint Insurance today to stay prepared for any Summer safety hazards. Call 855-652-3171 to speak with a licensed agent and compare health quotes today.