10 Ways to Show You Care for Mothers Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, do you know how you’re going to celebrate the mom in your life? If gifts and flowers aren’t exactly in your budget this year, we have a few suggestions to make mom feel loved and appreciated on her special day–no purchase necessary.

Here are 10 nice things to do for your mom (or wife, sister, daughter, etc.) this Mother’s Day that don’t require buying gifts:

1. Make her breakfast in bed

It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Try this easy egg muffin recipe for a yummy Mother’s Day breakfast.

2. Do the laundry

If laundry is a recurring task on her to-do list, pitch in for the day so she can take a load off.

3. Wash the dishes

Clean up after everyone else so she doesn’t have to.

4. Fetch the groceries

Are you starting to notice a theme here? Take the chores off her hands and she’ll appreciate you for it!

5. Babysit

Watch the kids while she pampers herself. Sometimes peace and quiet is the best gift you can give.

6. Take her on a mini roadtrip

Drive to a scenic park to have a picnic. Or take her down memory lane and visit places you know are meaningful to her.

7. Clean her car

Wash and wax the exterior. Vacuum and dust the interior. The next time she gets in, it will feel brand new.

8. Make a memory jar

Write down some favorite memories you’ve shared together and place them in a jar or small box.

9. Write her a poem or “thank you” letter

However you choose to express your love and adoration, they’re words she’ll remember.

10. Call, email, or text

If you can’t be there to tell her in person, just make sure you find a way to tell her: Thanks, Mom!

Sometimes what seems like a small act of kindness can feel like the biggest gift. Take care of the mothers in your life with these caring gestures! Here at VelaPoint, we are here meeting your budget and your health needs. If health coverage is on your list of to-do’s, call to speak to one of our expert benefit advisors for a free health needs analysis and enrollment assistance. Start a convesation and get your questions answered, call 855-548-0727 to speak to a VelaPoint representative on all your health coverage options.