10 Life Hacks to Help You Outsmart Summer

While summertime can mean vacations, beach time, barbecues and pool parties — it’s also the hottest and buggiest season! Fortunately, these simple life hacks will help you keep your cool all summer long.

  1. Hot days call for a cold, refreshing drink. And thanks to a simple science trick, you can cool down a can of drink in two minutes! Just mix ice, water, and salt together in a bowl, and submerge the can into the mixture. Voila!
  2. You can also cool off a hot car quickly. As soon as you start driving, open all your windows. Then, crank up the air conditioning to the highest fan speed. Once cold air starts blowing, close the front windows, but keep the rear windows cracked open for at least twenty seconds to create a path for hot air to escape. Finally, adjust the temperature to a comfortable setting.
  3. Driving around with no air conditioning? Keep a small cooler in your car filled with frozen bandanas to wrap around your neck, wrist or arm to keep cool. Plus, you can attach a small battery-operated fan to your dashboard to help circulate the air.
  4. Draw the line on ants taking over your house! Some people have found ants don’t like to walk across chalk lines, so drawing a line with chalk around the perimeter of your home may help keep some ants on the other side of the chalk.
  5. To avoid mosquitoes, keep your pet’s water bowl fresh. Standing water (like the water in your pet’s water bowl) is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. Instead, pour out your pet’s water bowls each night and refill it with fresh water.
  6. Mosquitoes and gnats don’t appreciate the smell of fresh laundry like we do. So, if you’re venturing outdoors, tuck a dryer sheet in your pocket to keep them away.
  7. Don’t let a bee sting ruin an afternoon spent barefoot in the grass! To reduce pain, swelling and itching, make a paste by combining water and baking soda. When the mixture dries, it will also be easier to pull out the stinger.
  8. Out in the sun too long? Soothe your sunburn with aloe vera ice cubes. Squeeze aloe vera gel into an ice cube tray and place it in the freezer. When you rub the cubes on your skin, you’ll get a nice cooling sensation.
  9. Our furry friends get hot too, so make an “ice lick” treat for your dog. Fill a small bucket with water, toss in some of your dog’s rubber toys and freeze it. The ice lick will help keep your pet busy and cool on a hot summer day. Check with your veterinarian if you have concerns about giving your dog ice, such as whether it can damage your dog’s teeth.
  10. To cool off in the backyard with the family, make a “kid wash”, or sprinkler, out of PVC pipes. The parts costs less than $10 and it will keep the youngsters entertained for hours.

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