7 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Plants Healthy this Fall and Winter

As chilly weather moves in, cozy blankets, hearty meals and hot-cocoa keep us warm. What about our house plants? Changing seasons have an effect on indoor plants as well, requiring some special care during the colder months. Dryer air, lower temperatures and a natural dormant response causes plants to be more sensitive in the Fall and Winter. Follow these tips.

Don’t overwater.

 Plants naturally slow down their growth in the fall and winter, so they need less water.

Use warm water.

Don’t blast your plants with cold showers. When watering in the colder months, use tepid or slightly warmer water.

Add humidity.

Indoor houseplants typically require more humidity, mostly being tropical plants. You can mist your plants once a day.

Don’t Fertilize.

Growing periods are typically in the spring and summer. Give your plants a rest and don’t force plant food during these slower months.

Clean your plants.

Wipe off any dust or grime on the leaves of your houseplants. Using a damp soft cloth can wipe away dust and dirt that may clog up the leaves and block moisture.

Adjust Lighting.

The angle of the sun comes in lower with shorter days in the fall and winter. Monitor your plants and see if any plants are getting significantly less light. Move any plants that may need more light.

Keep plants warm.

Make sure that the changing temperature doesn’t shock your plants. Check to make sure plants near windows and doorways aren’t getting leaky air drafts. Plants can be kept at a steady 65-75 degrees F during the day and above 50 degrees F at night.

Being aware of your plants’ needs during the winter is the key to keeping them alive and well. Tune into their responses to the steps you make for the colder weather and adjust any plants as needed. Because plants naturally gear up for the winter, the biggest thing to remember is less water is more! Remember to be in tune to your health needs as well. Open Enrollment begins November 1st.  Our licensed agents are able to answer any questions and assist you in your health insurance enrollment. Call 866-998-7493 to speak to a VelaPoint licensed agent to answer any questions you may have and explore your coverage options.